When Should I Start Taking Probiotics?

The general consensus is that everyone needs “probiotics” added into your daily regime. But if you’re looking for a good reason to start taking probiotics supplements then consider the last time you took antibiotics and how terrible you felt afterwards. It’s no mystery that antibiotics are as harmful to our body as it is helpful. The problem with antibiotics is that when taken their intended purpose of eradicating bad bacteria in our body is not limited and the same medication will go forward and destroy many different colonies of beneficial bacteria in your body as well. This is why antibiotics comes with an array of side-effects such as nausea, upset stomach, irregular bowel movements and diarrhea. Studies have even found that some antibiotics are so potent that in some instances many of the beneficial bacteria that die off during treatment never repopulate. This results in a crippling blow to our digestive and immune systems and subsequently our overall well-being. Since we become incapable of rebuilding the community of live organisms in our stomachs, the next best step to take in restoring a healthy bacterial balance is adding probiotics into your system.