About Us

About Us

ProbioticPack.com is a leading probiotic enzyme company providing healthcare professionals and consumers with pharmaceutical-grade probiotic enzyme supplements.  ProbioticPack.com has all natural, vegetarian supplements to maintain good health without the side effects of antibiotics and NSAID drugs.  We use only non-GMO, natural ingredients, tested by a team of scientists to ensure the highest quality, activity, purity and safety.

 ProbioticPack.com blends are formulated by experts with more than 35 years of experience in probiotic enzyme research, innovation and formulation.  The supplements are manufactured in ISO 9001-2000 and GMP-certified facilities using a Bioactive Protein Peptide System, a process that improves probiotic enzyme absorption, stability and bioavailability, which allows the highest quality, and most effective probiotic enzyme therapies.

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We are a leading distributor of pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical supplements.  ProbioticPack.com is able to control the integrity of all its products by researching each product for quality and purity.  Supported by the leading manufacturers, ProbioticPack.com provides products for doctors, health food stores, and retailers.

 Mission Statement

ProbioticPack.com is dedicated to help achieve optimal health through innovative solutions.  We are also dedicated to provide the most up to date information on how to stay healthy and improve the quality of life.

 Where you can Find Us

We offer products in the US direct to the customer, doctors’ offices and retail stores.  We also provide international shipping to over 80 different countries.

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